Accomplished marketer and exec, turned entrepreneur, Tina Hay is turning her efforts towards creating a mobile retail and payment gateway for shoppers of all ages with her CardBlanc application.

I worked with CardBlanc to develop the brand, product architecture, team, refine the business model, create investor presentations and act as a mentor along the way – truly a privilege on my end with such a driven individual as Tina to work with.

By turning your mobile phone into a virtual prepaid credit / debit card and commerce gateway CardBlanc is the Ultimate Virtual Debit Card delivering its users a better way to shop on their phones!  CardBlanc members can load or request funds, browse the CB virtual mall and choose from top brands and retailers.

CardBlanc securely stores all receipts, transaction details and balance and provides the best shopping experience on any mobile device – payments, shopping, and social all in one!

If you are not already a members, request an invite here at!

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