Oishii Creative

Oishii Creative

As one of Los Angeles’s premier branding and creative agencies it was my privilege to consult with Ish and the team over at Oishii for a  variety of business needs, including a brand refresh focussing on their market position and message.

Using my strategic consulting framework, The G.O.T. Method, we collaborated to uncover the meaning behind the drive to create the amazing work that Oishii is known for.  The true Why behind the How and What they create.  After a bit of research with their constituents and  a few very focussed creative workshops we found this truth, capturing the journey from impetus to impact of their work,  in 3 simple words:

“Dare to Inspire”

Check out Oishii’s latest work, insights and, most importantly(!), inspirations from Ish and his network here!

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