Zehner Group (ZG)

Zehner Group (ZG)

It has been a great pleasure to continue work with the Zehner Group as the head of their product development, information architecture and strategy services over the past several years.  One of Los Angeles’ rising stars in the tech and startup community, ZG continues to push the envelope of innovation and user centric design with a focus on the business bottom line and seamless DevOps systems.

In working with the company I have helped implement business processes, consulting frameworks, business development systems, brand messaging and information architecture and user experience practices that have helped the company grow at a 100% year-over-year rate during my time with them.

ZG is truly an innovator and emerging leader in the LA tech / startup scene comprised by fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries extensive experience in brand development, marketing, corporate solutions, DevOps, product development and strategy in the digital (web / mobile / tablet) space.

Check out their latest work here at the Zehner Group main site and stay up to date with the innovations they are bringing to the wild wild web!

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