The G.O.T. Framework – an overview

The G.O.T. Framework – an overview

What is G.O.T.?

Very simply G.O.T. is a strategic thinking framework.  It is a way of creating an effective and efficient path to strategic business (or life) change.

The principles of G.O.T. are based on long standing business consulting frameworks (6-sigma efficiency, critical success factors, continual improvement etc.)  as well as PMI and Scrum / Agile project management methodologies blended with 10 years of practical experience in the field as an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner.

The framework is broken down into a series of repeatable steps and modules that focus on the 3 principles of:

G.oals – identifying and prioritizing the critical success factors and desired / required outcomes of a business, product or decision,

O.bjectives – the most important components that need to be created to simultaneously meet your internal goals and the most important needs of your critical constituents in the given scenario,

and lastly,

T.asks – the discreet, prioritized, estimated, assigned and defined set of activities that will be performed to accomplish each Objective!

The G.O.T. Method is a philosophy and way of approaching problems with the goal of creating an actionable, practical solution through the systems and activities contained in the G.O.T. Framework.  I will be writing regularly about this framework as I prepare for a more general, public release of the entire system in the coming months.

Also, in case you were wondering, G.O.T., The G.O.T. Framework, The G.O.T. Method, GOT G.O.T.? and G.O.T. IT! are my personally owned, invented and copyrighted creations :).  As the product continues to evolve I fully expect more brand and product derivations, siblings, branches, offshoots and whatnots.

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